Solutions for Locations with 150+ Staff

Need to reduce inventory shrinkage? Looking for a way to control your costs?

coffee4business offers you a range of fully automatic coffee machines that all dispense electronically. This means that every serve is measured and controlled and suddenly your costs are fixed!

Ask our staff about coffee machines that are easy to maintain and include active bean monitoring… We can assist to make a better choice.

We also tailor service agreements and payment plan to suit your needs and in most cases we can organise for you to trial your new coffee machine for free!

  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Professional Advice
  • High Quality Equipment
  • Comprehensive Service
  • Online Ordering
  • Australia Wide Service
  • Tailored Solutions

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Case Study- Workplace Coffee Machine – Warehouse in Brisbane

Case Study – Warehouse in Brisbane

In this example, our client has a number of warehouses across the country. They needed coffee machines that are easy to maintain.

We offered online ordering, online maintenance requests and a tailored service agreement which was a great benefit to the company.

The Astro by Necta was a great choice because staff needed to grab their drinks on the run. With a 650 cup capacity, maintenance was made much easier. This company chose to brand the machine to suit their business and offered short black and flat white as their coffee speciality options.

Management was happy as they cut their costs by 23% in the first month, plus staff could get along with their work with less time taken on breaks.

With Coffee4Business, you’ll find that we take the time to understand your needs and your budget, to provide you the right solution.