History of Coffee – Part 1

The history of coffee dates back many years. Nobody precisely knows how it all started and where it originated. But one thing is sure. It has come a long way to become the most popular beverage consumed around the world with many coffee machine suppliers worldwide.

How Was Coffee Discovered?

Coffee was discovered when a gipsy was travelling through Africa, modern-day Ethiopia when he suddenly realised a particular breed of animals used to get very active when they consumed specific beans. This curiosity led him to the berry plant where he plucked some seeds, roasted them, and brewed them.

This was perhaps the beginning of the first coffee ever. He told other people about his discovery, which eventually led him to be revered as a saint. A few years later, coffee became one of the most revered drinks, consumed mainly by monks.

How Did Coffee Get So Popular?

Coffee gained popularity with the emergence of coffee houses. By the year 1414, coffee had found its way into the Middle East, particularly in the Arabian Peninsula, including modern day Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

In Yemen, the consumption of coffee was popular amongst the shrines, as Yemeni traders brought the coffee beans from Ethiopia and sold it to darwa’esh, who used it aid their concentration levels and develop intoxication when they chanted in the name of God.

Back in Saudi Arabia, not only did the visitors drink coffee, but they also engaged in dance and gambling, making it a hot epicentre of activities. As the guests and the locals frequently visited these places, so the sharing of ideas and the exchange of coffee eventually became a widespread phenomenon.

Since Mecca has been the capital of the Muslim world, it didn’t come as a surprise that the popularity of coffee became a global phenomenon in a matter of few years. From Mecca, the word continued to spread among different parts of the world – to Cairo, Morocco, and Istanbul – the capital of the Ottoman Empire then.
There was some resistance along the way, and there were instances where coffee consumption was deemed illegal by various clerics and clergymen. However, by that time it was too late. Coffee was here to stay.

By the middle of the 16th Century, the popularity of coffee had not only hit the rest of the Middle East – the Safavid and the Ottoman Empire – but eventually infiltrated into the European region, starting with Italy, France, Portugal, and Spain.

Since Muslim influence dominated some parts of Europe as well, particularly within Spain, the coffee influence soon became a contagion within other communities as well. Coffee machine suppliers that started off back in Ethiopia became unstoppable, spreading until they engulfed Europe and rest of the world.

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