How Coffee at Work Can Boost Productivity

Productivity is more than just a buzzword. It can make or break a business, which is why it’s great to know that one simple thing can help boost productivity in the workplace – coffee. And if you haven’t considered coffee machine rental before, here are some reasons to think about it now.

Coffee can help us to stay on the top of our day. Anecdotally many of us report increased productivity when drinking coffee, but officially it’s a matter of lengthy debate. What we have seen is massive growth in the coffee industry over the past few years, ranging from coffee bean growers and pickers to restaurants and coffee stores, as well as coffee machine rental options. It is pretty evident that we have come a long way to embrace coffee as a part of life, and there is no way back from here. Here’s why we think coffee boosts productivity.

Coffee Helps You Stay Alert

Whether it’s a lazy Sunday morning or crazy Monday, coffee has become a universal symbol for getting us up and going. It helps push our dopamine levels or the feel-good neurotransmitter, which makes us feel better and more active.\

Coffee Helps Us Socialise Better

At our workplace, taking a break from work to get a coffee helps us get in touch with our peers and colleagues. Whether it’s over a coffee break or a chat near the coffee machine, it encourages us to deliver and get stuff done in a much better, team-oriented way. It helps also to foster creativity and stay focused on the task at hand.

Coffee Eases Pain Associated with Desk Work

Drinking coffee can help ease the pain as we constantly stare onto our screens at our workplace. A recent study shows that coffee intake can lower pain levels especially in the neck, arms, wrists, and the back. And getting a coffee provides a great reason to get up out of your chair.

Coffee Machines are the Most Appreciated Office Perks

A good coffee machine is a blessing to have in the workplace. In most cases, coffee machine rental isn’t that much either and helps bond the workers in an office environment in a much better way. Several studies suggest that:

  • 38% of the workers don’t think they could work without a coffee.
  • 65% of the workers consume coffee at least three times a day.
  • 37% of the workers suggest that they would prefer a coffee machine to an office Christmas party.

Coffee Boosts Memory and Mental Cognition

It is believed that coffee enhances memory consolidation for up to 24 hours after consumption. Though there hasn’t been sufficient evidence to prove this fact, people who invest a lot in daily cognitive functions do link coffee to amplified output.

Coffee a Productivity Booster?

While the jury might be officially out, we believe there is definitely a connection between coffee and productivity, with loads of indicators that it has a positive impact in the workplace.

Coffee Machines For Your Office or Workplace

Coffee machine rental may be the productivity boost you need for your business. Speak to us at coffee4business for all your coffee machine rental needs. At coffee4business, we specialise in coffee machines & beverages suited to workplace environments. Whether your business is small, medium, corporate, industrial or retail, we can offer sound professional advice based on many years experience.

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