How to Choose the Right Office Coffee Machine

As caffeine consumption increases around the world, so does the need to possess great office coffee machines that can help meet the needs of your staff. But considering that every member of your team has a unique taste developed, choosing the right coffee machine can be a difficult task. The experts in office coffee machines, Coffee4Business are here to give our best tips for choosing the right machine.

Criteria for Choosing Office Coffee Machines

Here are some factors to keep in mind when looking at office coffee machines.

Type of Coffee

You may think that the best approach might be to take a short survey among your employees to know their preference, however, as you grow, the number of preferences may be infinite.

You can either go for tab or capsule-based coffee maker where you can select the coffee blend of your choice. Alternatively, you can go for office coffee machines that use fresh, high-quality beans as they offer an unmatched, distinct aroma and taste.


Cheaper alternative may not always be best option in the long run. Make sure you do your math when deciding on office coffee machines. It’s ideal to choose a machine with a self-cleaning mode, or an easy to follow process. Also, if you are purchasing a machine make sure that you have warranties covered for at least a year or two.

Does It Meet the Needs of the Majority?

A cup of espresso may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Look for options that can meet the needs of almost everyone. From cappuccino to mocha, and hot chocolate to espresso, find the one that can meet most people’s needs. With myriad office coffee machines available, you may be able to find the one that can blend and brew almost every variation you ever thought of.

Additionally, you should consider whether you wish to purchase or hire a machine.

Final tip

Now that you have checked all of the above, we have a final piece of advice before you step out of your office or look for options available online.

  • Make your life simpler: Great office coffee machines can make your team happier and more productive, which is great news for any workplace.

Look for value and quality not cheap: Make a sensible choice. Find a balance between price and quality.

Coffee Machines For Your Office or Workplace

For great quality options when it comes to office coffee machines, speak to the experts at coffee4business. Whether your business is small, medium, corporate, industrial or retail, we can offer sound professional advice based on many years experience.

We supply coffee machines and their accessories, quality coffee beans and other consumables and also water filtration units. Whatever your workplace beverage needs, we can offer professional advice!

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