How to Maintain Your Office Coffee Machine

If you want to know how to maintain coffee machines Melbourne businesses can get help here.

As much as we would like to believe that coffee machines can look entirely after themselves, in reality, they need a little maintenance to perform at their best.
Since we are experts in office coffee machines Melbourne, we thought we would share our best tips for keeping your coffee machine in tip-top shape and never endure a bad coffee.

Easy Ways to Maintain Office Coffee Machines Melbourne

Maintenance for your coffee machine can come down to the type of machine you have.
How to Maintain a Filter Coffee Machine

Filter coffee machines are the easiest to maintain regarding their design and function. Just remove the glass pot at the end of each day, and clean it with a detergent with a sponge soaked in warm water. The basket in which filter paper and coffee grounds are fitted should be removed, cleaned and left to dry before they can be used again. Used filter papers can be disposed of.

How to Maintain a Capsule Coffee Machine

The capsule coffee machine can be challenging at times, as some of them come with self-cleaning options, whereas, others don’t. The worse thing might be the fact that some of the cheaper capsule coffee machines may not even come with cleaning instructions. Here are some basic tips:

  • Capsule Coffee Machines with Self Cleaning Option. It is recommended to run a rinse cycle every time a cup of coffee has been brewed so that it doesn’t taint the flavour of the next cup. If you think that would take too much time, rinse it once a day.
  • For Machines without Rinse Cycle Button. Add some descaling liquid into the tank and flush the water clean, ensuring you follow the product instructions carefully.

How to Maintain a Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

You may find these machines are one of the most complicated when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. This is primarily because the ingredients often clog inside the machine leaving it hard to maintain. Similarly, the bean stack will require looking into, as well as the bean grinder. You will also need to empty the grounds regularly and keep the components clean.

Such machines may require regular checkups and cleansing, especially if they are used frequently. Fortunately, many of these machines will prompt you when cleaning needs to occur, and come with easy to follow instructions.

If your machine has a milk frother, make sure you remove each part and rinse it, at least once a week, so that nothing is left behind.

Leaving any milk or coffee remains in your machine, can damage it and negatively affect the taste of your coffee, as well as being unhygienic.

It may sound like a lot of work, but trust us, if you follow these steps regularly, you can find better service, better output and a lifetime of rich, better quality coffee. It’s worth it!

Coffee Machines For Your Office or Workplace

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