Other Uses For Coffee Grounds

If you have had a coffee machine for business premises or at home, you may be familiar with having a lot of remaining coffee grounds to dispose of. While coffee is famous around the world for keeping people active and alert, very few people are aware of how coffee grounds can be used in a better, more environmentally friendly way.

Here are a few tips.

Plant Fertiliser & Organic Pesticide

You can use coffee grounds for your high acidity-loving plants, like blueberries. It helps the plants flourish and rejuvenates them in many different ways. If you are planning to plant carrots, you can combine the grounds with carrot heads, this will form a lovely nutritional meal for them. Coffee grounds also act as an organic pesticide, helping the plant with nourishment and to thrive under the ground.

Remove the Stink From Your Hands

If you are someone who spends a lot of time in the garden, in the kitchen cutting vegetables like onion and garlic; you can get nasty smells on your hands. Or for that matter – you have a job that requires you to get your hands dirty. In any of those situations, you can always rely on coffee grounds to help get rif of the smell.

Put some grounds on the palm of your hands and then wash your hands thoroughly in warm water, all of those foul, nasty odours; will be history.

Natural Room Deodorant

This is a winter tip! For those of you with a small fireplace in the corner of your room – if your room needs freshening up, then you can use a small portion of coffee grounds to burn along with the burning wood, your room will quickly be filled with the smell of sweet, freshly ground coffee.

Skin Cleanser & Exfoliator

Coffee grounds are an excellent natural exfoliator for your skin. They help remove blackheads, get rid of old skin and lighten blemishes that can otherwise become a nuisance.

Beautiful Natural Dye

If you are one of those crafty types, this tip will work wonders for you. Just mix those coffee grounds with some water, let the mixture seep for a few minutes, and then soak your paper in the mixture until you have got a crisp, crumbled texture formed on it. Finally, rinse the paper and let it air dry it naturally. You will then have that classy, antique style of texture created on the page.

Natural Abrasive

Last, but definitely not the least, you can use your coffee grounds to clean up those dirty pans, pots, and utensils. Basically, everything that leaves residue behind. All you have to do is soak your utensils in water and then wipe the remains with a clean sponge, dabbed with some coffee grounds.

The lovely, rough texture of the coffee grounds mixed with the moderate acidity levels of coffee help get rid of the deposits and stains, making your cleaning job a lot easier.

Hopefully, these tips help. Next time, you have those coffee grounds leftover from your coffee machine for business, don’t throw them away – use them well.

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