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At Coffee4Business, we believe in offering the full service – taking the hassle out of keeping your team caffeinated. Our team can customise a solution to suit your unique business requirements.

1. Choose a coffee machine for your business

We offer a range of machines for your office size and consumption levels. Don't worry, our "bean counters" can help you select the right one – all we need is your number of employees!

Once you’ve ordered, our team delivers and installs your machine to ensure that everything (especially the coffee) will flow smoothly. They can also provide staff training.

Please note: Coffee machines are rented over a fixed term. However, in some cases, we will provide the machine for free alongside high-volume beans and supply orders.

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2. Select your beans and supplies

After you’ve become a client, you can order our range of beans sourced from around the world through our Business Portal.

Our freshly roasted coffee beans – as well as fresh milk, tea, fruit and instant beverages – are delivered straight to your office door on a regular schedule or as you need them.

Please note: You can order coffee beans and/or supplies without renting a machine from us. 

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3. Machine servicing

Now that your machine’s up and pouring, we’ll service it regularly to ensure that it stays working at the optimal level. A member of our service team will schedule times that suit you.

4. Technical support

If you ever experience a technical issue, all you have to do is call 1300 426 333. Any time we can't fix your problem over the phone, we’ll send a service member out asap.

Already have a machine?

No problem! Coffee4Business can make using that machine more streamlined and hassle-free – with regular servicing and supply top-ups.

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