San Marco Plus 5 Coffee Machine

San Marco Plus 5 Coffee Machine

La San Marco Plus 5 is an excellent fully automatic coffee machine for large spaces such as staff kitchens, airport lounges and large offices. It has lots of features such as, two bean grinders, it uses fresh milk, can brews decaf coffee and many more features.

It can create new drinks based on chocolate, milk, and coffee. It can be used to create a perfectly brewed cup of fresh ground coffee.


The San Marco Plus 5 coffee machine is an exceptional fully- automatic coffee machine for medium to large companies. Amongst this coffee machine best features are the two bean grinders, that it uses fresh milk & that you can create new drinks combinations based on chocolate, milk & coffee.

Technical Specification

Dimensions (W x H x D) 325 x 715 x 560 mm
Daily capacity 200 cups per day
2 stainless steel boilers 1 L capacity each.
Water tank capacity 5 L
Weight 25 kg


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