Quality coffee beans

Our in-house coffee experts carefully blend a selection of the finest beans from around the world – for the cafe in your workplace.

Espresso Forte Coffee Bean Pack

Espresso Forte (1kg)

  • Espresso Forte is a true Italian. Roasted extra dark to enhance the true flavour of the bean, Espresso Forte is full bodied, which makes it ideal both black and white, to get the full European experience.

Alleanza Coffee Bean Pack

Alleanza Rainforest (1kg)

  • Alleanza is a South American Rainforest Alliance blend that delivers an exciting and pure taste for the true coffee lover. These beans are grown on farms where forests, rivers, soil and wildlife are preserved, and where workers are treated with respect and properly compensated.

Riavere Coffee Bean Pack

Riavere Roasted (1kg)

  • Riavere, or ‘regain’ in Italian, revitalises your senses. A finely balanced blend of premium roasted beans, Riavere produces a pour that’s well-rounded and deep – while also boasting a unique, delicate flavour.

Prima Coffee Bean Pack

Prima Roasted (1kg)

  • Prima is roasted and blended to provide a strong, premium flavour using any extraction method. It retains a strong  ‘punch’ for coffee connoisseurs who enjoy a distinct, sharp coffee.

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