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Hospitals – Functions – Hotels – Corporate Events

Our specialist range of equipment is specially designed for efficient catering in hospitals, conference centres, functions and hotels. Bulk brewing of freshly ground coffee is the simplest and most time efficient way of catering for high volumes of users/customers in environments where time is a factor. Scanomats “café on the spot” fully contained trolley system is ideal for hospital wards where beverages have to be produced at bedside – a range of coffees, teas and chocolates can be produced in seconds at the touch of a button.

Bravilor Mondo Coffee Maker

Bravilor Mondo Coffee Brewer

Quick filter machine for locations without water connection. Delivered with 2 decanters and 1 stainless steel filter pans. Model with 1 brewing system and 2 hot plates. Delicious, fresh filter coffee. High-quality stainless steel combined with black accents give …

Bravilor Mondo Twin Coffee Maker

Bravilor Mondo Twin Quick Filter Coffee Machine

Quick filter machine for locations without water connection. Delivered with 4 decanters and 2 stainless steel filter pans. Model with 2 brewing systems and 4 hot plates. Delicious, fresh filter coffee …

Bunn BrewWise System

BUNN BrewWISE Dual TF DBC Commercial Coffee Brewer

Stores individual coffee recipes so operator can easily brew many varieties. Coffee extraction controlled with pre-infusion and pulse brew, digital temperature control, and large sprayhead; coffee strength …

Bunn MHG Grindfer

BUNN MHG BLK (60Hz) Coffee Grinder

Convenient, front-loading hoppers allow grinding of a wide variety of coffees. Hoppers hold up to 2.72 kg each of regular, decaf or speciality beans …

Bunn Thermo Fresh ServerBravilor Mondo Coffee Maker

BUNN ThermoFresh Coffee Server

Vacuum insulated to keep coffee hot for hours. Built-in drip tray attached to the server for transportation—easily removed for cleaning …

We can Supply a Cafe on the Spot for any Venu

Scanomat Cafe on the Spot

Just the right coffee brewer to choose when complete freedom of movement is a necessity such as in conference rooms, exhibition halls, airports, hospitals, or residential homes to name a few …

Case Study – Private Nursing Home and Hostel

We Supply Coffee Machines for Nursing Homes

Our client had been searching for a solution to an issue they had experienced for some time. Their hostel clientele had varied requirements for teas and coffees during the course of rounds by their catering staff. Inevitably, delivery to bedside was interrupted most days due to their trolley system not being able to carry all products, including milk and hot water, to cover the needs of their clients, which resulted in staff having to return to the kitchens to replenish their stocks.

By introducing the fully automated café on the spot system, time efficiency, staff morale and most importantly of all client satisfaction was greatly improved almost overnight. Our café on the spot system is a fully automated system which allows for tea’s, coffee’s and hot chocolate to be dispensed within seconds at the touch of a button. The unit is powered (and water kept hot!), by integrated lithium battery system which can be charged between meal times.

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