The Coffee Roasting Process

It’s a lazy Monday morning, but thankfully, we have a freshly brewed cup of coffee here at the office, where we specialise in corporate coffee solutions Melbourne. We wanted to take this opportunity to share with you what happens in the coffee roasting process.

How is the Coffee Roasted?

The coffee cup that you had earlier or about to enjoy went through an extensive process from picking, sifting and then finally roasting and packaging, until the moment it finally reaches your hand. And we know that the highest quality beans matter when it comes to corporate coffee solutions Melbourne.

Getting the Best Coffee for Yourself

In the beginning, expert coffee selectors go through a lot of test batches to try and figure out what’s the best roast profile, because this is where you can influence the flavour of the coffee. But before that, you cut it and taste it to determine, what precisely the characteristic of the coffee is. You want to enhance that as much as possible. For instance, if you have light, relaxing aspect in your coffee beans, and you want to increase that, you’ll cut the roast a bit shorter, speed it up and make an abrupt or sudden finish, and that will also improve the fruitiness of the coffee.

Starting off the Process

Typically the next part of the process kicks off with adding the coffee beans into a drum, and heating and raising the temperature of the drum. The process is dominated by a unique combination of time and temperature. In the meantime, the beans are roasted continuously by hot air, which is being pushed into the drum, as well as rotator blades that continually mix up the coffee beans, so they are always moving.

As part of the process, it’s important to ensure that the state of the coffee beans is checked regularly, usually with a small shovel, to ensure that the aroma and feel of the coffee are up to standard. Based on that, the roaster can adjust the lever to change the temperature as needed.

Each roast can last up to 10-20 minutes, depending on what kind of coffee you are trying to derive. Finally, the roasters drop the beans into the cooling tray, where a fan underneath sucks the air from the roasted coffee beans. The process takes around five minutes, and then it moves on to packaging and distribution.
Wrapping it all up

Coffee Machines For Your Office or Workplace

So the next time you brew your coffee, imagine the extensive process that it has been through to get to you. You’ll certainly appreciate it! And when it comes to corporate coffee solutions Melbourne, speak to the experts at coffee4business. At coffee4business, we specialise in coffee machines & beverages suited to workplace environments. Whether your business is small, medium, corporate, industrial or retail, we can offer sound professional advice based on many years experience.

We supply coffee machines and their accessories, quality coffee beans and other consumables and also water filtration units. Whatever your workplace beverage needs, we can offer professional advice!

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